Photovoltaics is one of the most competitive technologies to produce energy and the global market continues to grow strongly.

According to the Renewables 2019 Report published by IEA (International Energy Agency) the development forecasts in the period 2019-2024, talks about a growth of more than 50%, riven by photovoltaics which represents 60% of the increase.

SolarPower Europe has published the Market Outlook for Solar Power Report which reports that 2019 saw a record growth in PV in Europe, with 16.7 GW of new installations up 104% from 8.2 GW in 2018.

It is photovoltaics in 2019 that leads the ranking of installations with 737 MW, surpassing wind with 413 MW. The total volume of installed photovoltaic power is about 20,850 MW, thanks to the new installed power of about 737 MW, of which over 310 MW only in the months of November and December.


The trend of the new photovoltaic installation in Italy remains constantly growing, marking in 2019 a + 69% compared to the previous year . The 2019 data confirms the trend of a returning to large plants (34% of the total in power) to the detriment of the residential sector, which in any case still remains predominant in the primary market, also for installed power (36% of the total).

The market value of new installations amounted to over € 850 million in 2019. Assuming that installations during 2020, as a result of COVID, will be lower than those of previous years, it is estimated that between 2021 and 2025 it will be necessary to increase the installed capacity at the rate of 1.48 GW / year, on average, to reach 28.55 GW by 2025.