The “Agripuglia” project involves theinstallation of five solar parks with a total input power of 157 MW, spread over a total area of about 218ha.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed that involved different subjects with a common goal: a better future for the environment and for generations in difficulty.

The collaboration between theDiocese of San Severo, the University of Foggia and the two companies for the development and production of renewable energy, Renewable Consulting and Greencells, will make it possible to concretise development and innovation, both for the agricultural sector, through experimentation and energy production, and for the social sector, offering job opportunities and training.


The project is located in the following municipalities:

  • Poggio Imperiale
  • Lesina
  • Apricena
  • San Paolo di Civitate


An agronomic verification has shown that the aforementioned lands are located in areas with an agricultural vocation, of an intensive and extensive type. This data makes it possible to optimize the resources available on site and combine the production of solar energy with agricultural energy.

The morphological trend of the territory is mainly flat and most of the areas are served by collective irrigation networks. The choice of plant species to be cultivated can thus extend while part of the land not usable for the installation of the panels is still favorable to agricultural production.

A well-organized arboreal plant can be built in the areas subject to constraint, instead, in the areas between the panels, it will be possible to grow herbaceous plants with little shading effect on the panels.

In this way the geomorphic and agronomic structure of the territory will be kept intact and an absolutely non-harmful activity will be carried out.